Goldsentences & Miraclewords

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BoD-Editor, 208 pages, many b/w pictures of every-day-situations with children 
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This book is a practical parenting-adviser to make the everyday-life with children easier and more relaxed by using the helpful goldsentences and miraclewords (constructive communication). Described are situations in every-day-life with children.

Anahita Huber refers to the integrative method of encouragement of Mària Kenessey where scolding and punishing or bribing or energy-consuming explaining and persuading can be dropped. Instead the children learn from clear limits within a widest possible range of freedom and natural, friendly consequences the adults give.


“So simple and useful! A musthave for all parents!” St. O., mother of three

“Great to read and use! I recommend it to all persons working or living with children. And I gave it to all my helpers. So effective! And such lovely pictures!” T.L. Kindergardenteacher Goa